The Easiest Way to Predict Customer Lifetime Value

Forecast the future revenue of your marketing campaigns and optimize towards long term value.

DataScore is Predictive Analytics for Any Size Budget

Stop guessing your customer lifetime value

Scale confidently when you have insight to your changing customer lifetime value, and easily justify your marketing budget. DataScore will dynamically forecast the future value of your newly acquired customers, while continuing to refine the projections for past cohorts so you can keep an eye on trends.

Pay the right price, for the right customer

DataScore will tell you the optimal customer acquisition cost per segment, based on desired profitability. We make it easy for you to quickly optimize your campaigns based on the their true profitability and maximize the volume of your highest lifetime value segments.

Don't wait to see how things "back out"

Marketing moves fast. Get the data you need just hours after a campaign launches. DataScore understands the time sensitivity for marketers to access performance data so you can minimize risk and maximize ROI.