Facebook Ad Copy Specs + Free Facebook Ads Copy Template

The DataScore team is constantly asked about the best practices for Facebook ad copy, so we put together a few simple tips plus a free ad copy template to help you draft an awesome marketing campaign that meets Facebook ad copy character count limits.

Check out our ad copy template here >>> Facebook Ads Copy Template by DataScore

You can use this template to organize your ad copy ideas and verify that they fit into Facebook ad copy character count limits. The character counter will turn red if you go over the limit. Feel free to download, share or make a copy!

Diagram of a Basic Facebook Ad

Diagram of Facebook Ad Copy

Here are the current character count limits for each element of a Facebook Ad

Headline: 25 characters

Body Text: 90 characters

Description: 200 characters

Don’t forget that spaces and punctuation count as characters. So be selective in your copy choices because every character counts!

Facebook Ad Copy Writing Tips

Here’s a few suggestions to improve your Facebook ad copy writing:

  • Speak like a human
    • Read your message out loud. If it doesn’t sound like something you would say in real-life, it’s probably too complicated. Simple copy that is clear and direct to the point converts best.
  • Offer a solution to a problem
    • Don’t forget to remind the customer about a problem you solve. Explain to the customer why they need you and what the benefits you can offer.
  • Tell the user what to do
    • A lot of ads forget the most important element – the close! Guide your customer to the next step and let them know what action they should take.
  • Don’t forget to test
    • Above all, make no assumptions about what “works”. Make sure to test multiple versions of your ad copy head to head and let the data decide the “winner” 🙂


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