Growth Marketing Consultant

Job Details

We’re looking to add an awesome Growth Marketing Consultant to our team. DataScore helps emerging startups grow by combining high-level strategy with efficient execution. You’ll sharpen your marketing skills at an expert level, across multiple competencies, by working hands-on with innovative startups and the latest cutting edge technologies.

Our clients view us as an extension of their own team, with the Growth Marketing Consultant effectively functioning as their VP of Marketing or Head of Growth. You will serve as the client’s main point of contact to execute their campaign strategy. Prior to the start of a project, you will receive a pre-defined initial statement of work that outlines the client’s expectations. It will be your responsibility to ensure the scope is executed as you advise and guide the client as an integral member of their team.

We will support you with strategic guidance and join weekly calls as needed. We’ll take care of all BD and admin issues that add stress and take the fun out of being a great consultant. We’re building out an operations team so you will also have access to support. You can decide to delegate certain tasks and it will be your responsibility to train any assistants and project manage that workflow.  Like any startup, everyone pitches in to help each other and we’ll all get our hands dirty to get sh*t done if that’s what’s needed.

The Perks

  • Total flexibility. Work from home, your favorite cafe, or from the Bahamas. It’s totally up to you.
  • Uncapped earning potential. If you do more, you make more.We’re a true meritocracy.
  • Tax benefits. You can expense your food, travel and many purchases if qualify as business expenses.
  • Bragging rights. We have hot clients! You can say “I was the 1st marketer for the next unicorn”.
  • Ninja skills. You’ll stay sharp and on top of the latest marketing trends and technologies.

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