Software Engineer


DataScore helps emerging startups grow by combining high-level marketing strategy with efficient execution. We’re building a suite of tools to support data-driven growth marketers. We are hiring engineers who want to help to innovate marketing.


Our core team is looking for amazing developers who are interested in designing, implementing, launching, and scaling technologies that hot startups are using to grow their company. Ideally, you have a strong understanding of web technologies and you are ready to brag about how this next unicorn acquired millions of users using the tools you built.



We love to play with new technologies, and we’re not afraid to do so! Open source has a special place in our <3.

Here is a brief list of technologies we currently use in our products:

– Python3 (Flask)

– JavaScript, ES6 with Babel and Webpack

– React + Redux

– Node.js (Express)

– MongoDB

– Redis


– Material Design (Material-UI)



  • Some experience with the technologies that we are using. Of course, we don’t expect you to be an expert in all of them. We’re looking for someone who is already comfortable across various layers of the web stack, and open to learn and play with new technologies along with the team.
  • Enjoy designing, scaling, and optimizing systems to make them fast and scalable while keeping them maintainable and bug-free.
  • Care about the products you work on. We encourage our developers to take initiative about product design and user experience.
  • Feel comfortable about working in a fast-paced environment with a small and talented team.


  • Significant experience with Flask and React
  • Familiarity with marketing technologies
  • Used 3rd party marketing API’s like Facebook Ads API
  • Worked on large scale products with a lot of users and traffic
  • Open source projects/contributions
  • Have an eye for designing beautiful and usable UIs

The Perks:

  • We work very closely with many startups from different verticals. Each of them has their own ideas, business models and of course, technical challenges. See how other companies are using your tools to grow business across multiple industries at scale.
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world. As long as you do your stuff and are accessible, you can send us postcards from all the places you have been!
  • Competitive salary

To Apply:

Send your resume/CV to